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Hello, Kitcaster Fan!

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We are so happy to have you sign up to experience PodMAX Global!

PodMAX Global offers you three levels of experience and training to choose from.

Pro, Elite, and AllSTAR.

Each level brings you the full PodMAX Global All Access Pass. You’ll record as a guest on 3 top podcasts in your industry, plus enjoy the workshop, networking, and keynote sessions.

You will leave the day feeling inspired, energized, and ready to reach new heights in your life and business. Truly an experience not to be missed.

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What does the PodMAX Global ELITE Ticket include?

Many PodMAX Global alumni were excited to continue the momentum and soar further as a podcast guest while mastering their message even more.

That’s why we offer the PodMAX Global Elite Pass. At this level, you’ll be invited to record as a guest on 2 additional podcast shows after the event. That’s 5 total bookings just by participating in PodMAX Global as an Elite Pass holder!

And as a bonus to help you master those appearances, you’ll gain full access to our two podcast video training courses:

“Best Guest Ever” and “Best Interview Ever.”

No matter which side of the mic you want to master, each 6-part video series by Josh Cary will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence you need today.

Watch the Introduction Video of the “Best Guest Ever” Course!

What does the PodMAX Global AllSTAR Ticket include?

There are those entrepreneurs who feel no choice but to share their meaningful message as deeply as possible.

We’ve got you covered.

For you, the event itself is only the beginning! You are ready for PodMAX Global AllSTAR.

Following the big day, you’ll begin your 4-week “Master The Mic” immersive training.

Each week, for 60 minutes, you’ll meet virtually with Josh Cary and Erik Cabral in a small group setting to practice, rehearse, discuss, and strategize your entire message and marketing plan.

Think it’s time to gain more attention, clarity, visibility and clients? Enjoy the results in your business by being the Best Guest Ever with the PodMAX Global AllSTAR Pass!

Ticket registration closes on July 3, 2020: Sign up today!

PodMAX Global Ticket Options

Choose a package and begin your journey to MAXimize your message and reach!


Kitcaster fans receive an automatic $100 off any ticket level!







PodMAX Global PRO

$497 Save $100!



Appear as a guest on 3 TOP PODCASTS

Grow your net worth through our NETWORKING SESSIONS

Roll up your sleeves and open your notebook during the WORKSHOP SESSION

Rub (virtual) shoulders with and learn from our KEYNOTE SPEAKER STRATEGY SESSION

Enjoy lifetime access to ALL EVENT RECORDINGS (Workshop, Keynote)

PRACTICE YOUR INTERVIEW: Pre-event group training and practice session (recorded for your review)

Access to the private ON AIR BRANDS NETWORK Facebook group


$797 Save $100   



Includes everything from the PRO Ticket plus...

2 ADDITIONAL podcast bookings after the event

BEST GUEST EVER: 6-Part video training course (complete with transcripts and worksheets)

BEST INTERVIEW EVER: 6-Part video training course (with transcripts and worksheets)



Most Popular!

PodMAX Global AllSTAR

$997 Save $100



Includes everything from the ELITE Ticket plus... 

MASTER THE MIC Training Program: 4-weekly post-PodMAX group workshop sessions

 ✔️ Take your message and podcast guesting career to new levels of visibility

✔️ Receive a professional audit and feedback of real interview conversations

✔️ Strategy session to implement immediately and to plan for the bigger picture

✔️ Implementation and accountibility

✔️ Practice and rehearsal sessions

Best Value!

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