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Thank you so much for your interest in returning to participate as a PodMAX show host!

The abridged form below allows us to keep all of your details up to date and creates the best possible experience for all involved.

Get ready to experience PodMAX from the front lines once again!

We are excited to have you with us again!

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  • Let's Get To Know Your Service/Offer

    If there's one thing we've learned through all of our PodMAX events so far it's that business is made, partnerships are formed, positioning is established, brand recognition is solidified, clients are found.

    We want to help you find the right partners and clients in the room by understanding more of what you do and what you offer.

  • Please provide as much context and detail around your offer including what it is, who it is right for, and what result you provide the client.
  • Please provide title and artist.
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