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I Heart My Podcast:

Show Your Show Some Love!

Gain a complete and professional outside perspective
of your podcast from someone inside the biz!

Cristna Everett photo

PodMAX has teamed up with Cristina Everett to help you take your podcast to your next level!

Cristina Everett is an executive producer at iHeart Radio with at least 4 highly-produced corporate shows under her guidance at any given time.

Cristina’s job is to make certain each show remains powerful, engaging and dynamic in order to achieve the widest reach, grow listenership, and improve overall quality and reputation of the show.

Would you like the same treatment for your podcast?

Sign up for your private 1-on-1 “I heart My Podcast” session with Cristina and receive direct input and strategy that you can implement immediately.

She’ll deconstruct your show using the same process and perspective that she uses for her own shows!

Here’s a general guide of the things Cristina will help answer for you by taking a listen to some of your episodes:

  • Do you get an accurate feel for who I am and what I bring to the table?
  • Is my message or theme clear? Does it resonate?
  • What are the glaring issues (low hanging fruit) that I can fix or adjust immediately?
  • Is the show exciting or interesting?
  • Is it clear who my ideal audience is?
  • Would you be inspired to subscribe or listen again?
  • Would you share this show or tell a friend about it?
  • How might I attract more/new listeners?
  • Am I ready for new/more sponsors?
  • Does my cover art, podcast name, episode titles and descriptions all resonate together?
  • What piece of the puzzle am I missing?
  • How can I improve overall as a podcast host?

These are just a general outline of what Cristina will be looking for in her analysis of your show.

How Is This Delivered?

When you sign up, you choose a date to connect directly with Cristina for the 45-60 minute session. This will happen via Zoom. Prior, Cristina will go through her own personal checklist of points in preparation for your meeting.

45-60 minutes.


Bonus #1: The session will be recorded so you can be present without worry of missing any points. You can go back and watch the replay of your session anytime you wish.

Bonus #2: Receive the recorded session of Cristina’s keynote presentation at our PodMAX event!